Thursday, 18 September 2014

As it is the truth

As it is the truth let me tell it
As it is the truth don't you judge me!
As it is the truth I have to live it
As it is the truth just let me be!

Wee poem i just thought of. May add to it but really it sums up perfectly for me the unbelievers in Chronic illnesses that surround me. So easy for others to judge and think you lay around all day and define the word lazy. Often though we are our worse critics as in we believe those things too. '' I'm lazy, unmotivated, heading nowhere fast" and the list goes on... We can sit or lie there thinking maybe all the "haters" are right.
Well the truth is they're not right and neither is the negative committee meetings in your head. Chronic illness is real, I know I'm not making this illness up. My health is rubbish, this week proves it with all the inflammations raising their ugly heads in my body, and especially the costochondritis ( chest wall muscle)  inflammation that grips you with panic at times when it prevents you from getting  a deep breath. I would love to be out working, learning to drive, catching up with friends, getting to grips with the housework and doing the things I really enjoy doing! I would much prefer that than struggle with a Chronic Illness, so just go ahead and judge me if you like!!!