Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Its a Beautiful day!

Its a beautiful day outside and I have gone out with the aid of my walking sticks up to the Cabin to see how my hubby is getting on with painting it. The cabin is just across the yard and up a wee slope so it is a challenge to walk up there. Why I’m explaining this is because of ME and Fibromyalgia this is an achievement to me.
Its frustrating because I want to do so much but I’m only able to do so little.
I Did manage to have lunch outside on the patio set which is right at my front door. The last 2 weeks have been bed and sofa bound and I don’t like it at all. I came down with vertigo nearly 2 weeks ago and the pressure in my head since then is beyond description. Generally even on my best day going out is a challenge as I know the next day I will pay. Well actually the last time I was out at the shops with my rollater was the day before I got the vertigo. Needless to say that I can feel hopeless at times struggling with Chronic Illness.
However there is hope, real hope!
I read Psalm 13: verses 5&6 the other day and it states:
5But I have trusted in Your mercy; My heart shall rejoice in Your salvation.
6I will sing to the Lord , Because He has dealt bountifully with me.
These verses point out three things about God’s relationship with us.
1.God is merciful towards us
[Collins Dictionary states that Mercy is ‘compassionate treatment of an offender or enemy who is in ones power’. And we are under God’s rule so that means we have offended God and have treated God as our enemy ]
2.God saves us.
[The consequences of our sin deserve punishment but God has saved us.]
3.God deals with us with boundless Grace.
[In light of God’s mercy and salvation we see how generously he pours grace into our lives, like a well that never dries.
That’s allot to learn in 2 verses but the Word of God is the truth and here it is laid out in black and white. These verses also teach us what our response should be to God’s mercy, salvation and grace.
1.Trust (in God’s mercy. For me that involves leaning on God all the time because when I detract my eyes from God is when that feeling of hopelessness overwhelms me. It is truly only God that I can trust 100 percent.)
2.Rejoice (in God’s salvation, for he is the only one who can offer us that through the sacrifice of his son Jesus Christ)
3.Sing (a response from our heart to how graciously God has dealt with us)

I want to point out that these should be responses not just commands. There is a difference. To respond our heart should be in a condition that is open to God changing us from the inside out. So naturally or supernaturally we respond to God in trusting, rejoicing and singing based on the truth (not feeling) of God’s mercy, salvation and bountiful grace.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

A change

I've been thinking and praying for a while now and believe it is time to combine our Facebook page True Word Ministries with this blog. I have changed the title from 'chronicles of a chronic illness sufferer' to 'Rose Cottage; True Word Ministries Blog' to better encapsulate what I'll be blogging about. Simply put the blogs will be about everyday life and also what I learn from God along the way. I'm working on a blog that will be ready tomorrow so watch this space.