Monday, 12 May 2014

Twas the night before May 12th

Twas the night before May 12th and all through the house not a creature was stirring , not even a mouse...well not technically true, I was tossing and turning and my husband was snoring!

There's never a quiet night in our home, I try to settle into a good nights sleep but it doesn't often work that way. Either I am not able to sleep for ages or I start out well and am awakened by my own aches and pains later in the night. Also of course there are all the toilet visits as well. Then there's my husband and his snoring and his pauses in breathing and his gagging and his sometimes running to the bathroom to get sick.

You see in our house there are 2 people suffering from a Chronic condition.
As you know I have ME and Fibromyalgia but my husband has recently been diagnosed with Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnoea and Fibromyalgia. So as I say 'we're a right pair all together'.

I used to have a carer, that was my husband but at the moment its like the blind leading the blind here in our wee cottage in rural Co. Down. Our son puts up with so much from us,,he's a star and will only be 9 at the end of the month.
All appears to be miserable in our home and at times it can be but that doesn't last long. You see my hubby and I have the ability to trudge through each day. Our faith in God helps us trudge through and every step of the way we enjoy our son's laughter, play with our cats, talk to our hens, breath in fresh air, admire our flowers in our garden and the list goes on.
I also shared in my last post how I split a difficult day up and take one moment at a time. Well my hubby and I do this together every day! we have to we've no choice.

How it works on a practical scale is that we compliment each other, i.e. while hubby irons the school uniform I am trying to put something together for my sons lunch. While my hubby peels the vegetables, I then supervise the cooking times of the steamer and oven, we then  put the dinner out together and our Son gets involved too. So its a real team effort, and it couldn't work any other way.
So for May 12th International ME/FMS Awareness day I hope this has given you an insight into a couple with chronic illnesses persevering together.

And to end on a funny note, my son has just returned from school, it had just poured hailstones and rain and he came in soaked. Daddy was drying his hair and then the cat came in soaked so we decided to dry the cats fur too. So after the fiasco of trying to dry the cat,,we both commented how terrified the cat had been of...the ...could we find the right word,,no; While hubby said 'hoover', I said 'iron'. To put you all at ease it was a hairdryer..we are in stitches right now and life is

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Exhausted and its only 7th May!!

Hi everyone,
As I slump over my keyboard I wonder when will this exhaustion ever end! But I know if I think like this I'll never be able to put one foot out in front of the other both physically and metaphorically.[Now there's a big word for me today lol]. My head feel like its stuffed with cotton wool and nothing else, my body feels like its been run over by a bus and my core temperature is fluctuating from one extreme to the other.
The only way I can deal with a day like this is to split it into 3 shifts; Morning, Afternoon, Night. Then I split my shifts into hours and then half hours. So I only need to get through the next half hour, if I make that then I'll handle the next one. And so by the end of the day I'll realise I made it and well done me !!!All of this is done mentally of course to help me cope with this Chronic illness.
I knew that going out Monday would wreck me but really why do we have to pay for having a family day out.?? While that has wrecked me then we got the news yesterday that my hubby isn't allowed to drive due to a diagnosis of OSA Obstructive Sleep Apnoea until he starts treatment; which is who knows when? So stress has impacted me physically. I wish my body wouldn't do that. [rant over]
So far in terms of awareness May is going well, I started posting an image with words on it and a comment on my Facebook page everyday and on my support group page. Delighted with the response in general. But the greater thing is I know that a lot of non-sufferers are reading it on my profile and that's a success in itself!!
Its so good to see awareness plastered all over social media and so may it continue. On the 12th May people will not escape awareness, between thunderclaps on facebook, twitter etc, Blog bombs, image sharing, status sharing and the list goes on.
I'm glad to be part of this,,it makes days like this better knowing that we are fighting a battle to make the world see we are not invisible!!
Stay tuned for more posts soon. xx Elaine